Check Out These Work Places in Dubai

By Neelam Singhal

Dubai is an attractive city, and it boasts of some of the most amazing landmarks of the world. The Dubai Mall is revered for its beauty, modern architecture, and world-class facilities.

From luxurious residences to modern office spaces, the city boasts of many astounding properties.

We take a look at the most alluring commercial properties in Dubai:

1) Business Bay: Dubai is the most popular commercial property city. An astounding amalgamation of skyscrapers, the area is the home to luxurious and state-of-the-art office spaces. Located centrally in Dubai, the project is a mini city by itself. Business Bay Dubai spreads over an area of 46.9 million square feet. Out of this, one-fourth is for commercial use, one-fourth for residential use, and the remaining half is for mixed use.

2) Dubai Marina: Another significant area, and among the most sought-after places in Dubai, the Dubai Marina is a beautiful artificial canal city. Apart from residential apartments and villas, the project is the home to various retail outlets, restaurants, cafe’s, clothing stores, gym, boutiques, hotels, department stores, and more.

3) Dubai Sports City: This 50 million square feet project flaunts a sports theme and houses a mulch-purpose stadium, cricket stadium, hockey stadium, golf course, and more. It is the perfect destination for those who wish to mix leisure with work. The project has some of the most luxurious residential apartments, as well as modern offices. There is a host of office spaces available for sale, as well as on rent.

4) Downtown Dubai: This 500-acre property is best known for its location. It houses the most significant landmarks of Dubai – Dubai Mall, and Dubai Fountain. This mixed-use complex is the home to opulent residences and offices. Park Island, the Address Downtown Dubai hotel, Boulevard are the other notable properties of this area.

5) Green Community: With loads of style and sophistication, the Green Community boasts of contemporary office spaces. With an impressive structure, up to date amenities, and a great location, the office spaces here, are always in great demand. Well connected to the airport and other parts of the city, this project entices many organizations to take up an office.

There are many other office spaces available in the city. More and more corporate houses from the world over are taking up office spaces in Dubai. Contact a reputed real estate dealer, preferably one who organizes online auctions, for buying an office space in Dubai.

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Home Gym Essentials Tips

Winter Heating

With today’s growing costs for fuel, people are looking more and more toward alternative heating methods. People who live in climates where it gets cold have to have a means to heat their homes. Natural gas is used most often today in the United States. This type of energy is found in most homes that have a central heating system. Fossil fuel prices, though, are rising at an alarmingly rapid rate. Because of this, many homeowners are looking for less expensive alternative to heat their home. Alternative heating methods are gaining in popularity for many consumers.

Choosing alternative heating methods can be tricky and there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. The first thing a consumer should do when looking at alternative heating methods is to compare all the various types available in the particular area in which you reside. Then, check what the costs are for those energy sources. Some areas have higher cost than others. Electricity is sometimes cheaper than natural gas in some areas. However, the reverse can also be true. Propane and oil are other types of energy sources that can be considered as alternative heating methods. Solar power is another of the alternative heating methods that are increasing in popularity and may be ideal in many areas of the country.

Alternative heating methods should also be compared to the type of construction that is being done. If you are building a completely new structure, you have a variety of options. However, if you are remodeling or adding on to an existing structure, these should be taken separately. If you are remodeling an existing space, there may be some extensive refurbishing that will need to be done before alternative heating methods can be utilized. You will need to examine the cost savings across several years and compare that with the initial investment. If you plan to live in the home for several years, the cost may be well worth the initial investment since the savings, over time, may be significant even if there is a larger initial investment. However, if you plan on staying in the home a shorter period of time, you may want to wait until you are in a place that you plan on staying longer because the cost savings will be seen over a period of years in order to get a valuable return on your investment.

A heat loss calculation is a valuable too to use when considering alternative heating methods. This is important in determining the size and capacity of the alternative heating methods that need to be used in the home. A professional will use this calculation to provide the maximum potential for savings. If a unit is too small for the home, it will work overtime trying to heat the place and will cost more money. If you have a unit that is sized perfectly to your home it will be energy efficient and will allow you to get the maximum benefit for your investment. The reverse is also true. If you get a unit that is too large for your home, you will end up wasting money on a unit that is working and using up too much energy in your home.

The flooring and sub floor of the building should also be considered when choosing alternative heating methods. If you have concrete floors, tile, hardwood or carpeting, certain alternative heating methods are better in each application. There are some alternative heating methods that will work wonderfully in all situations and some that are designed to work more efficiently with a specific material. Also consider if you plan on changing the type of flooring in your home to determine if you want to have alternative heating methods that are versatile enough to give you the flexibility to change in the future. If you have an existing structure this may be different than if you are pouring a completely new slab for your building or addition.

An alternative heating methods professional will be able to help you evaluate all the potential alternative heating methods available to you, combined with the specifics of your structure to help you determine the best possible heating source for your home. When considering a company, always make sure the company has years of experience and good, solid references. Do some research on your own as well to ensure what the alternative heating methods professionals are telling you is in line with what your independent research tells you. Alternative heating methods are an investment in your future and you will be able to have a less expensive system over several years with a little research and care.

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CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone

CAD U37 USB Recording Mic can help you produce studio-quality sound using your laptop or desktop via USB. It’s a good option for both voice and instrument recordings. It is also great for producing voiceovers and podcasts.

This mic can be used with Mac OS and Windows. Just plug your U37 into your laptop or desktop and you can begin producing recordings. The mic contains two main switches on its front. The first enables you to reduce the mic’s sensitivity. It means that the sound quality the mic will produce will be clear for very loud recordings. When recording loud voices, drums and similar devices, the switch should be in “-10″ position. When recording normal voices and non-loud instruments, the switch should be in “0” position.

The mic’s second switch is used to decrease the pickup of deep-bass audios. This switch is best left in the “Normal Bass” stage. “Bass Reduction”, however, helps eliminate wind noise, and other low-frequency sounds.

Some customer reviews:

‘I gave it five stars based on personal satisfaction, not based on any in-depth knowledge of microphones. I’m definitely not a sound geek. But this is a working product for me and it works wonderfully.’

‘Really great mic, not just for the price. Overall 9.75/10. Email me if you need some help using your product I would not mind helping! ‘

‘9/10 for this microphone. You won’t be disappointed. Peace Out’

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Philips Azur GC4890/02

Looking for the best steam iron equipment can be a daunting exercise. It is even harder considering the high emergence of new manufacturers of this product. However, with a good piece of information about the iron that you intend to buy, you can never make a wrong choice. The Philips Azur GC4890/02 Steam Iron with Anodilium Technology Soleplate, 2600 Watt – Black is one of the best you can ever get in the market.

The Philips Azur is a powerful ironing electronic that is specially designed with more steam to completely remove all the creases from a garment very quickly. It is a strong iron that cannot easily be scratched and is made of a powerful soleplate that glides smoothly on fabrics. It is an ideal iron for those looking for a long lasting and highly effective product. But why exactly is this iron the best?

First, Philips Azur has very wonderful features that help the user get all desired results. They include:

Vertical steam for effective ironing

A drip-stop system that allows ironing of delicate fabrics at low temperatures

It has a pointed tip that allows the user to reach even the unreachable corners.

Removes a fine spray (mist) for easy ironing

It has a double calc-system and an auto stop feature. Apart from being very powerful and fast in removing all the creases from a garment, It has pointed shaped soleplate to enable the ironing of corned areas.

Other benefits include:

Although it consumes relatively more energy but again it heats faster than the previous models. This means, you will still pay the same electricity bill as before but this time you will have a more efficient product. Its black and silver colour scheme is a wonderful combination for people looking for an attractive product to match with their beautiful homes. It is a very easy to use iron; you just plug in and switch on then turn the control disc to the type of material that you want to iron. It is very simple as even the temperature light will show when you reach to the correct heat. It has along cable and a good shaped base-plate that glides really well to make the whole process of ironing more enjoyable. Another advantage about this iron is that, when you buy it you will be given a two years warranty. This means when you discover any defect you can readily change it, get it repaired for free or even get a refund. In addition to the above benefits, Philips Azur iron can also be easily accessed on many online stores such as the Amazon.


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Skywalker Trampolines

A trampoline is a great equipment to have especially if you are looking for a moment of flexibility for you and your family. One of the most popular Skywalker trampolines, the Skywalker trampoline 15 feet round trampoline and enclosure with spring pad is one of the best trampolines for sporting and family purposes. This trampoline comes with easy to fix and a variety of gears that can be easily fixed.

In essence, with a little help, you can fix this trampoline. Since it comes with clear directions, you do not have to struggle fixing it. In fact, anyone who has basic knowledge on how the trampoline operates can fix this equipment fast.

If you come from a region that reports high speed gusting winds or even crazy storms and you are not aware of what kind of trampoline, this one fits the bill. When it is fixed, the trampoline is firm enough to withstand high winds and storms that might make it loose. In addition, the trampoline has a safety enclosure that ensures that it remains intact. Furthermore, whether it is raining or there is sunshine, the trampoline, which is one of the best kid trampoline, will always remain intact. This versatile attribute makes it safe enough for anyone who does not mind to use it in either weather conditions.

The trampoline can comfortably handle up to three people at a go. This means that it is spacious and enough to ensure that those who are looking for opportunity to enjoy themselves are not barred from taking part due to size. The trampoline has a set of anchors and ladders that make it possible for people to access it with much ease. Its firmness ensures that it is secure and safe for people to use it for a variety of roles and purposes. This is why it is instrumental to ensure that you get the right dimensions in advance.